Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prison Break

My day started well today. I got a message from the guy handling the accomodation informing me of my return to International city. ACMT is quite an experience. It's like a carnival ride you wouldnt want to ride again because it creeps the hell out of you. haha

It'll be a busy day and night for me. see the list.
1. Do my precious job.
2. Update my blog, check other blogs, update FS, check email
3. Do my job again
4. make and long distance call to the Philippines (maybe at 3pm when call charges are 50%less) to inform them of this great news.
5. Do my job again.
6. Wait for 5:30pm
7. Pack my things. Loads of them.

Looks like i'll be awake all night packing. But that's ok. If ill be out of the prison that's ACMT in 24hrs, then the sacrifice will be well worth it.

Im out for now. Have a good one!

I almost forgot. Here's a photo of a peacock in Dubai zoo. It was taken in the first quarter of the year. The blurry part is because of the wiremesh that encloses the birds.

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