Wednesday, June 17, 2009

untitled 2

I made a blog entry this afternoon and posted it here. After a few minutes i decided to remove it. It is politically inclined. I thought that it does not fit in a Photo Blog. I placed it my friendster blog instead. If interested, click here.

Rest muna. hehehe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A shot of three of the Jumeirah Hotels. From left, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Mina A'Salam. It was taken on my birthday. My cousin Erick gave us a night stay in Al Qasr, another Jumeirah owned hotel, as a gift. Sensya mga insan. haha


balloon vendor

I'm online!!! Yahoo!! Yehey!! Weeeeee!! (parang si Pong Pagong lang)

After months that seems like an eternity, I got my internet connection. I had to disconnect my internet the day after I was sent to ACMT. Now, I am online again. Yep, that means more facebook, friendster, blogs, news, movies and youtube.

And maybe, just maybe, a lot lesser internet access in the office.

Need to go and take a leak. This excitement is making me pee.hahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I got another photo selected by Gulfnews (see the screenshot above). This is the fourth photo I sent to the daily, the third posted in the online gallery and the third photo that didn't actually make it to the print. Hehehe

here if you want to visit the Gulfnews gallery.

Need to make this entry short. It’s almost 4PM and there is still a lot of work to be done.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prison Break

My day started well today. I got a message from the guy handling the accomodation informing me of my return to International city. ACMT is quite an experience. It's like a carnival ride you wouldnt want to ride again because it creeps the hell out of you. haha

It'll be a busy day and night for me. see the list.
1. Do my precious job.
2. Update my blog, check other blogs, update FS, check email
3. Do my job again
4. make and long distance call to the Philippines (maybe at 3pm when call charges are 50%less) to inform them of this great news.
5. Do my job again.
6. Wait for 5:30pm
7. Pack my things. Loads of them.

Looks like i'll be awake all night packing. But that's ok. If ill be out of the prison that's ACMT in 24hrs, then the sacrifice will be well worth it.

Im out for now. Have a good one!

I almost forgot. Here's a photo of a peacock in Dubai zoo. It was taken in the first quarter of the year. The blurry part is because of the wiremesh that encloses the birds.


It has been a busy day. I went to my Nanay's blogsite and read her update, (ill dl ded na si lolo when i get a net access at home), took a glance on Rina's mutiply page (absent na naman kami ni erick sa celeb), read (effin philippine politics!), visit somebody else's blog and update my FS account. All these with the my job on the side. Abalang trabaho! hahaha!

Here's the photo i promised yesterday. This is one of the first shots I made with a lens reversing ring. The ring transforms a 50mm standard lens to a 1x (or is it 0.5x?) magnification macro lens. It is good for its 30USD value but i still am hoping to get my own macro lens (or lenses hehe) soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I got a message from my Nanay inviting me to view her newly created blog. She is a good writer and speaker. It's a good thing she found a new past time aside from making comments on the latest showbiz happening in PEP. She is now my ka-blog.

Like what I've said in my FS shoutout, I don't have access to Flickr. Etisalat and Du telecoms blocked the site. I’ll be posting my works here instead. Please be advised that I am reserving my rights to these works. No cheating please.

The photo attached is of a sculpture in The Dubai Mall. It is connected to a waterfall making it appear like it is diving. This is one of the better views of this naked man.

This is it for now. Wait for my next post tomorrow.