Sunday, June 7, 2009


It has been a busy day. I went to my Nanay's blogsite and read her update, (ill dl ded na si lolo when i get a net access at home), took a glance on Rina's mutiply page (absent na naman kami ni erick sa celeb), read (effin philippine politics!), visit somebody else's blog and update my FS account. All these with the my job on the side. Abalang trabaho! hahaha!

Here's the photo i promised yesterday. This is one of the first shots I made with a lens reversing ring. The ring transforms a 50mm standard lens to a 1x (or is it 0.5x?) magnification macro lens. It is good for its 30USD value but i still am hoping to get my own macro lens (or lenses hehe) soon.

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